Daily Prompt: Breakthrough

via Daily Prompt: Breakthrough



Year zero – I made it..out!!!!! and I  must confess, it’s quite a shock!

Year 1 – Cool, I can almost walk!

Year 2 – And I can talk!

Year 5 – I know my alphabets well!

Year 7 – Read I can and I feel quite swell!

Year 10 – So its quite an interesting world out there, I can tell!

Year 13 – So much to discover, gosh it also can be hell!

Year 18 – I can call myself an adult!

Year 25 – I could join the Beatles cult!

Year 30 – I can settle down and marry!

Year 40 – Its kind of tough how much I carry!

Year 50 – Middle age blues!

Year 60- Now what have I to lose?

Year 70 – I’m falling apart, much of life has past!

Year 80- Seeking my final breakthrough at last!




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