An Evening with Sandesh Bhandare- Renowned photographer


An evening spent discussing the photographs of Sandesh Bhandare, Pune based, award-winning Indian photographer served up a volley of questions and along with it awe and appreciation.

Organised by Junoon, which aims to create access to theatre and the arts in a little library in the silent by lanes of Bandra, Mumbai on the first evening of a rainy October , the event was attended by a handful of interested folks. The event was as simple as the man himself.

As Sandesh Bhandare displayed some selected photographs of people, places and events in the rural hinterlands of Maharashtra and also shared the stories behind them, it was clear. Here was the work of conscience, of culture and had a cause- that of culling our past to reveal our heritage. Here are some samples.

At first glance this photograph seems simply that of a ritual bath performed by a family. However, Sandesh’s revelation that these three were actual strangers, unconnected except by an emotion of respect and reverence for elders, defines the photo in a completely new light. Strangers, hitherto  unknown to each other display a comfort that can only stem from some shared cultural connect that so characterises the Indian ethos.


Or this one, from the famous ‘Tamasha’ collection ( Tamasha is a theatrical art form popular in rural Maharashtra which Sandesh has captured in his book by the same name) detailing the look on the faces of the four young men in the foreground to the left of the dancer.Their eyes, their expressions and their smiles show us just how much they enjoy the performance.

The other one, with similar expressions on the children’s faces, their  body language, their desire to access the performers by touching the stage, bring alive a sheer force, a movement to these still images.

Sandesh Bhandare’s works cover a wide range as is evident from some more photos. He has focussed his lens on the subject of ‘niches’ in village homes and their modern uses.

Artistic, alluring and evocative – these images tell a story of a past reinventing itself in the present.

The evening, over 2 hours, had the audience ask a multitude of questions on Sandesh’s perspective, the technicalities as well as the ‘moment’ that is of immense importance in photography.

For more information on the works of Sandesh Bhandare,his photography, books and movies please visit and to advance in your knowledge of the theatre and the arts do visit

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