Trump-et and Hill-ary

I can safely call both the lady and the gentleman a ‘power couple’, even if they aren’t a ‘real’ couple at all!


So much has been written about them that even my 11 year old, non-politically inclined daughter has been asking. And the nearest to that in political terms has been the very catchy ‘abki baar Modi sarkaar‘ slogan that every Indian kid had on their lips during the last Indian general election.

I often wonder about such deep interest in the elections of a country so far away from ours. Not that I do not understand the implications of the position of the President of the USA, but still it amuses me.

The papers and media are all throwing up theories, exposes, skeletons from age-old cupboards and what else about both on a regular basis. Of course, all of it being devoured and dissected by readers and viewers across the board. One has to only see the numerous jokes that are being forwarded on social media to get the idea.

Is Hollywood then America much like Bollywood is India ?

Now I know many might disagree and quite fiercely at that but just like art imitates life and vice versa, I find the drama quotient in reel and real life quite astounding. I would not be far from the truth in saying then, that unlike the last US Presidential election which gave USA its first President of African-American descent, this one rates much higher with all the muck and dross thrown in!

Take for instance Trump’s sexcapades pitted against Hillary’s e- maligning that is happening.

Emails and Females – ruling the roost so to speak.


Then Trump’s ideas of building walls pitted against Hillary’s comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to full and equal citizenship.


Incidentally , I would think Trump would make a great brand ambassador for the ‘Wall’  ….think facebook, think Pink Floyd and closer home, Rahul Dravid ( our own Indian wall :0)

Given that Trump has indeed realised the American dream of success and money in business, still, he does have a solid opponent in the singular rise of Hillary as a ‘faithful’ wife of a philandering husband who is also highly ambitious and single-minded about a political career.

In a couple of days the votes will be cast and the new Prez will take office.

The world is waiting like for an apocalypse.

Will the US of A finally climb to new heights by breaking the gender barrier and vote for Hill-ary or will it ‘get fired’ up by blowing the Trump-et.

Will the headlines of next week read ‘ Hillary Trumped!’  or ‘Trumped up Hillary’

My 11 year old is sure waiting to know!

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