Super Moon, Super President and Super Currency – 3 Impactful Occurrences

The week Nov 8-14, 2016 may just come to be described as follows :-awesome to awful, nerve-wracking to glorious, shocking to scandalous.

In this one week, 3 different occurrences – political, celestial and economical – have altered millions of lives, countries and experiences.

Let’s start with the latest – THE SUPERMOON

Seen around Nov 14 across the globe the super moon was indeed a spectacular stellar spectacle.

It was simply the closest the moon had got to the earth (if you measure the centre of the earth to the centre of the moon ) since January 1948!

The next time the moon will come this close, or maybe even closer will be in 2034!

Besides being important astrologically, people see this as a time for new beginnings. Several other theories abound of how the proximity alters human behavior and causes upheaval in society.

Quite a few even see this as an omen of impending disaster, or a warning of something momentous approaching.

And while we are at it……just remember


That brings me to the next phenomenon – THE SUPER PRESIDENT

Now, now, hold your horses…it’s not exactly what you’re thinking….No Trump, just a trumped up cartoon character.

Believe it or not, the Super President was a short-lived 1967 cartoon in America on the US President who gains his super hero powers after being caught up in a cosmic storm.


He could alter his molecular structure and transform his body into various elements or compounds – acid, water, electricity, ozone, granite, gas!!!!

For example he could become steel and bounce bullets off his chest and was obviously very strong.

Super President soon came under criticism for its depiction of a national leader who was an invincible superhuman…. I guess those were different times!

The Super President show lasted exactly one season, and many adults today who were young and impressionable at that time would actually have trouble convincing their kids that such a show actually happened!

Transfer the same sentiment 30 years hence and I bet this generation would refer to something similar when trying to convince their kids about a recent election!

Of the 30 episodes,  some interesting ones were named as follows:

-The Billion Dollar Bomber

– The Man of Steel

– The Chameleon

– The President and the Pirate……..

Any resemblance to another Super Power and its billionaire real estate tycoon President-in-Waiting may just be termed a coincidence !


Around the same date of Nov 8, 2016, keeping the merry-go-round of the globe on its axis in mind, something phenomenal happened in a country distant from the West.

At the stroke of midnight, while the world slept, India was jolted by the shock scrapping of 500 and 1,000 rupee bank notes.  In one stroke, 85% of the cash circulation in India became illegal tender.

But wait, it had happened before, much like the super moon and the election of President Harrison in 1888 or President George Bush in 2002 who both lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College.

In 1946 the Reserve Bank of India demonetized the then circulated Rs.1,000 and Rs.10,000 notes.

Higher denomination banknotes in Rs.1,000, Rs.5,000 and Rs.10,000 were introduced eight years later in the year 1954 but then again demonetized by the Morarji Desai government in 1978.

The recent move is to bring value to the new notes while reducing the old to mere paper. The old giveth way to the new, as the saying goes.

Circa 2016 – Are we staring now at the birth of a new super currency?
Maybe Plastic over Paper?

Meanwhile…………….do you even remember these?




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