Daily Prompt: Culture

via Daily Prompt: Culture


Culture, I believe is one egotistical word
Why? How? you might ask….
Its simple actually if you view it above the herd
All is takes is in history to bask…..

Culture is but an idea, custom or behaviour
Of a people or society that lives in an area
Of whats acceptable and what’s not
Of what’s cool and what’s hot

So all it is, is about a bunch of folks
Whose self-importance could be a joke….
Making and breaking, seeking and finding
Answers to questions whose existence is hiding

It’s not that I am against culture, from up here
I simply find it exhausting and vulgar…
To accept another’s idea as your own
To follow a path where much has been sown

But alas, if I were to carve a path through
A forest or desert, with or without a crew….
Someday, that too would be culture
On which someone else would feed like a vulture

Guess we cannot escape this swirl
Sink we all must, caught in the twirl….
Culture is alive, culture is well
It’s a round-a-bout of sorts in which we all must dwell.

  • Maria Coelho, Almar Business Consultin

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