SUPER 30- How one man is changing the fortunes of many….

What do you do when you see your dreams peter out?

How do you respond to the unfairness you see in the world?

Which path do you take when you reach a dead end?


Anand Kumar, a 44 year old shows the way!

This Patna ( Bihar, India) based mathematical genius cum teacher par excellence, annually coaches 30 super bright but economically backward students for the Indian Institute Of Technology’s ( IIT- the country’s premier institute) entrance exams….for free!!!

But this venture did not come out of the blue. It has its roots in his own helplessness and simple background. 

When this son of a simple postal worker, a genius from his childhood, who could not attend Cambridge University for lack of funds, despite getting through saw other youngsters struggling in their own poverty, he did something about it.

He launched the ‘Super 30’ that would screen 30 poor but talented students and impart coaching, boarding and free meals even if that meant he sold ‘papads’ ( an Indian home baked food) from door-to-door to raise funds. The road got tougher with the coaching mafia who thought he was a force they could not contend with and did all they could to physically stop him, but he carried on.

THE RESULTS…… acknowledgements in the form of ………………times-437x124

newsweek-logo-thumb-349x62‘s 4th most innovative school in the world

discovery-channel-logo2-222x65‘s AMAZING SCHOOL


And the offers of financial support from the richest Indian industrialists …which he refused to receive only because he wants to do it without any donations!!


Here’s the secret….”We don’t accept financial support for Super 30 from any
government as well as private agencies. We generate money on our own by running evening classes for intermediate level students . We charge nominal fee which is less than 15% of any other institutions”.


Read more about the man…the mission…the vision



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