Almar Business Consulting

Content Services – We cover a wide spectrum of content suited for any business.
Specialising in back-end, write-for-hire content, we have been involved in creating, proofing, rewriting and enhancing text for several national and international entities.

So be it a rewrite, or a press release, a SEO targeted article or a book or movie review, a brochure or a business pitch, a copy for an ad or a blurb for a book, facebook posts or the entire web content, corporate newsletters or technical manuals, SOPs or marcom  ..the list is endless. Check out our Content page here.

Training Services– We provide training through modules covering communications, soft skills, marketing & sales, personal growth, value based and many more sessions for corporates, educators and individuals. Check out our Training page here.


God don’t make no junk!…..thus sang the American indie rock band The Halo Benders.
Well, this is the philosophy that drives us.
It then follows that in each there is a seed of excellence that needs to be nurtured and aided.
This is where we step in to realise the individual potential and consequently drive up business profits.


The steady lines of the logo representing the alphabets ‘A’ & ‘M’ reflect the solid foundation and structure of experience that we are based upon.
Our tagline reads ‘Excellence Engineered’ reminding us of our innate excellence that only just needs nurturing.